EBay has no interest in competing with Amazon

Most retail companies are adjusting their supply chains in ways that would help mirror the obviously effective strategy set forth by Amazon.com Inc. - but not all. One e-commerce giant that has recently expressed disinterest in mimicking the industry leader is eBay Inc.

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that the organization's chief executive, Devin Wenig, has taken strides to ensure that it is understood: EBay wants to be completely distinguishable from Amazon.

Not all e-commerce companies want to be like Amazon
"I don't have to be like Amazon, I don't have to be like anyone else," Wenig said at the Code Conference, according to the source. "I'd rather have a billion unique items that arrive in three days than a billion commodity items that arrive in an hour."

Furthermore, The Wall Street Journal revealed that Wenig has highlighted that eBay has a bigger inventory and focuses more on value pricing than its competitor. In addition, he has explained that his brand is more interested in providing customers with a more personalized shopping experience than other industry rivals are.

Amazon has made headlines recently for retooling its retail supply chain to expand its logistics network. For years, other commerce companies have been struggling for ways to increase delivery and shipping times to keep up with the e-commerce giant's trailblazing model that allows same-day delivery and, soon, possibly drone-made shipments. 

Avoiding stalls in shipping
This latest declaration of separateness is just one demonstration of the moves Wenig is making in a broader effort to revamp and improve eBay's selling strategy. For example, The Wall Street Journal also noted that the online auction company has been working to enhance the search engine features on its site and is trying to get away from private name brands. In addition, the aim to is continue to sell a wide collection of items at low prices, which would prevent the organization from having to deal with the inventory and order fulfillment chaos other big-box retail supply chains have.

ECommerceBytes recently reported that eBay will be adjusting its selling promotion strategy throughout the month of June. Instead of offering free listings to sellers, it will be limiting Final Value Fees, which are essentially commission fees - with the capped amounts ran​ging from $20 to $50. 

However, when it comes to competing in the shipping and delivery sector, Wenig indicated that he has no interest in trying to go head to head with Amazon. Instead, the news source indicated, eBay will take a different route by choosing to continue having its third-party vendors handle the distribution of products, The Wall Street Journal explained.

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