In this recurring series, the partners and consultants of MRA Global Sourcing share their learnings, observations, and the occasional rant cultivated from years of experience in recruiting and placement for supply management functions.

SCM - Smart Cookie Millennials

For today's musing, we wanted to share a SCM story. We at MRA Global Sourcing have the privilege to get to know hundreds of Supply Management, Sourcing, and Procurement job candidates across every industry and category specialization. As our readers recall from an earlier post, we have met some millennials whose attitudes and behaviors reflect poorly on the whole generation. But as promised, today we'll focus on the flipside - the Smart Cookie Millennial (SCM).

This young lady went from a top tier management consulting firm to an Industry role for a F500 company. It’s a double-promotion that catapulted her to a Manager role with a 25%+ bump in total compensation.  Key here was that she was an extremely passive candidate that had to be courted for an extended period of time before she made the move.  On its merits, it would seem to be a no-brainer because the hiring manager had first made her acquaintance at an external event and remembered her and then solicited our help in wooing and closing her on this potential opportunity. Point is that this young professional did her due diligence and made the move when she was convinced that it would truly advance her career and help her new company as they enhanced their Procurement organization. Kudos to this budding professional Millennial, and may the Supply Management Force be with her!

'Til next time – Save Big and Prosper!

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