When it comes to professional growth and development, networking is not only fun but essential. Professional networking is more than meeting people to ask for a job. It is a continuous process of creating and cultivating relationships that produce benefits for both individuals and businesses as a whole.

  1. Open Communication: Whether you are seeking feedback or just an alternative view point, networking is a great way to share ideas and expand your knowledge. Connecting with other professionals can support your individual career growth by helping you learn from the experiences of others, no matter what stage in your career.

  2. Best Practices: Networking can also be a valuable strategy for businesses. Learning from what others in the industry are doing can help in identifying best-practices and benchmarks, and staying current with market trends.

  3. Opportunities: When done right, networking can provide opportunities for both individuals and businesses. If you’re seeking a new position, building relationships through networking can be vital. According to ABC News, 80% of today’s jobs are landed through networking. For businesses, contacts made through networking can open doors as potential leads for partnerships or new customers.
On April 23rd Source One will be joining the best and brightest in supply chain at ISM-7 Counties’ Professional Networking Event. As strategic sourcing experts and thought leaders, Source One will be sharing their unique insights, as well as engaging with other industry veterans and emerging professionals. Attendees will also hear from guest speaker Julienne Ryan, a professional speaker and prominent leadership coach. 
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