Supply chain gurus changing the game

Apple has always been one to revolutionize the way things are done. First came the iPod, then eventually the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. Consumers seem to have a fanatic reaction to these new products and how they impact our daily lives. Behind the scenes, Apple has been relatively open about how it procures and sources materials and products for our gadgets. What people seem to overlook is the method by which the company alters its services to eventually provide the best product for the general public. Apple regularly changes its supply chain strategy, which keeps the tech enterprise at the top of the game.

A history of excellence

According to Gartner, Apple has achieved the top spot on the analytics  company's Supply Chain Top 25 list for the past seven years in a row. When the list is released later this year, no one will be surprised if the enterprise takes the No. 1 slot again. Businesses that claim this honor must start with customer needs and behaviors and shape their values around them.

Since the company is so consumer-centric, the fact that Apple sold the equivalent of 326 iPhones per minute in 2014 isn't entirely a shock, reported EBN Online, but it does certainly give one pause to ponder the implication of the sheer demand and efficiency of the supply chain.

Meeting the market

As there is such a high demand for what seems to be every Apple product available, the secrets of the corporation's supply chain are sure to reveal a bit of its success. To meet the clamor of the customer, the company has multiple electronic manufacturers that provide the innards for iPhones, MacBooks and more, noted Bidness Etc. This allows Apple to keep prices down and assure that consumers will still be able to purchase these must-have gadgets.

Apparently, the tech magnate is branching out to various companies all over the world to ensure the Apple Watch supply does not run out when people can begin to purchase the item on April 24. The success of this product in particular rests on the ability of all the companies involved to deliver the timepiece in a timely manner. Thousands of people will be expecting their preorders to come in and Apple has a legacy to uphold.

While not every company can find the same success as Apple, supply chain management can certainly take a page from the Apple playbook.

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