Preparing for the Big Ideas Summit 2015 with Procurious' Tania Seary
In the world of the supply chain, professionals aren't overwhelmed with options to connect with other people in their field. And what's especially difficult is that the supply chain is a global enterprise, but how are procurement specialists supposed to come together and talk about the issues that affect everyone involved?
This is where Procurious CEO and Founder Tania Seary comes in. Procurious is a network for the emerging generation of procurement professionals that will allow them to interact on a social media platform specifically tailored for this industry. This year, Seary and her team have put together a summit that's the first of its kind: a digital and interactive think tank designed for procurement "intrapreneurs​" that delegates can attend from the comfort of their homes.
That's right. The speakers are assembling in London on April 30, but the delegates will tune in to the Big Ideas Summit 2015 from their couches, offices, taxis or wherever else they choose. This model enables thousands more people to attend because it doesn't interfere with daily life. Taking time away from work and buying a plane ticket to London is not cost-effective for many, but this changes all that.
"It's about connecting people around the globe in an efficient way," Seary asserted.
These social media platforms serve as a way for professionals to talk about the current issues in the supply chain and bolster their understanding of how the industry works across different cultures and products.

Why is it so important for procurement specialists to stay connected to each other?

"It's about staying on top of potential supply chain disruptions," Seary claimed. "When [specialists] find out [about an issue], they can respond quickly and make sure their company isn't impacted negatively."
There are so many things that could throw a wrench into the supply chain and create really big issues for brands. Child labor, horse meat and plastic in milk powder are a few of the recent problems that companies have experienced, all of which reduced brand equity and lowered stocks. While larger companies can bounce back from this type of issue, the procurement services involved seriously took a hit.
Procurious provides an outlet for global professionals to have up-to-date information about their extended supply chain. Another thing that's great about the Big Ideas Summit is that specialists can come together on their own time and watch the speakers free of charge. This isn't a fancy club for the procurement elite, but an open forum in which all levels of supply chain management can take part.
This summit will enable delegates to submit questions via the social media platform of their choice - Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Procurious - and connect with the speakers. Then, after a speech is done, people can respond to it on a forum and have a real conversation about the relevant procurement issues around in the here and now.

Who can we expect to hear from in London?

Among the 40 esteemed guests will be C-suite executives, authors and professors to make the summit a well-rounded and highly informative gathering. As well as presenting their own material, the speakers will address the questions put forth by the delegate community. After these speeches are over, delegates and other interested parties will be able to watch and re-watch the speakers at their own leisure.
At the end of the day, Seary would like every person to come away from the summit with a reinvigorated passion for the procurement industry.
"I really want to inspire entrepreneurship in procurement," Seary concluded. "I want people to use the [Procurious] platform as much as they can so they can do their jobs the best they can."
What will really drive the success of the industry is for professionals to look past the traditional way of doing things that specialists have stuck to for the past 15 years and really think outside the box.
"The more you give to your profession, the more you get out of it," Seary stated in closing.
She hopes that the Procurious Big Ideas Summit will inspire people to throw themselves into the industry and make some meaningful changes with long-lasting results.
Interested in taking part? Tune in the the Procurious Big Ideas Summit on April 30 to listen to speakers and participate in this digital procurement event! Stay in the loop on Twitter and Facebook with the hashtag #BigIdeas2015. Send in your questions and be a member of the supply chain nation's first digital summit!
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