We've all been there- relentlessly Google searching and still unable to find what we’re looking for despite turning through dozens of pages of search results. So, what do you do when you still can’t find the information you’re looking for when you reach the twentieth page on Google? Source One Market Research expert, Megan Connell shares her advice for conducting extensive research in Research Business Daily Report’s recent video.

When you hit that wall, Connell suggests:
  • Take a Break – Stop your search, take a break, and come back to it for a refreshed perspective

  • Change your search terms  avoid tunnel vision by trying different search terms to render different results which may provide you with the answers you’re looking for

  • Talk to your colleagues- Sometimes it may be helpful to use someone as a sounding board or for getting input for new ideas to aid your search

At Source One, our analysts are well versed in conducting research to produce detailed reports related to competitive markets, sourcing strategies, cost savings, opportunities, and bench-marking. Our supply chain experts help streamline clients’ operations and drive sustainable cost savings. Contact us today to arrange a discussion about how we can assist your business

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