Technology upgrades for the supply chain

Sometimes, doing things the old-fashioned way is the only method worthwhile: A classic cookie recipe doesn't need a hip, new ingredient and the best way to knit a scarf will always be with needles and yarn. However, innovations in technology and other sectors have treated us very well and the life we lead would be impossible without them.

In the business world, technology has been an invaluable resource. Regardless of what field people might find themselves in, there is probably some sort of gadget or software that has streamlined or improved a certain process. Recently, there have been some impressive tech upgrades for the supply chain that promise improvements in efficiency and the potential to maximize profits.

Anaplan applications

In mid-March, the cloud planning company Anaplan released a suite of supply chain planning applications that will simplify and maximize operations. All steps of the process from purchasing to procurement are immediately available for implementation through Anaplan's App Hub. What these apps provide is an insight into company plans. Looking at real-time supply and demand allows planners to make changes and track trends. In a recent press release, Anaplan Vice President of Product Marketing Folia Grace asserted that this technology will let planners and managers "embrace the chaos in the supply chain and use it to their business advantage."

These are very diverse apps and will work across an array of fields. One of the real draws for this suite of products is that they can be monitored and utilized by a small staff that doesn't require intensive IT training. This is rather appealing to smaller companies, as they are able to maximize the manpower already available to them without adding too much added cost to simplify the supply chain.

Terra Technology

Another company making impressive advancements in the supply chain world is Terra Technology out of Connecticut, which was recently named as a "Cool Vendor" in the Cool Vendors in Supply Chain Planning, 2015 report by Gartner. With its transportation forecasting that allows for businesses to cut costs and better synchronize where labor needs to be distributed throughout a warehouse, Terra is simply looking to fill the gap in the tech side of the supply chain that was seriously lacking. With Gartner's seal of approval, the company should expect to see more businesses trying out the transportation forecasting technology in the coming years.

Both Terra and Anaplan are filling in the spaces where there was a need to make the most of the business day and are doing so thanks to technological advancements.

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