Millennials: the driving force behind smart sourcing

It's no surprise that millennials are revolutionizing the way that businesses run and operate. From changing company policies at the source to proffering consumer-based suggestions, young adults have become the voice that companies are listening to. This specifically applies to how enterprises are sourcing the necessary materials to make products more palatable for the younger population. Procurement of eco-friendly, humane and healthy supplies has become more commonplace in the marketplace and fast-food restaurants have taken note of the changing tides.

Moving away from millennial woes

Over the past few years, restaurant chains have been taking a long, hard look at how they procure their ingredients thanks to the efforts of activists and the ability to gain more insights into the supply chain. According to Supply and Demand Chain Executive, the safety of food and combating modified and/or tainted food should be top priorities for a company of any size. And while enterprises attempt to reconcile public issues with demand of the product, they are running into snags of all sorts - cost, location, etc. 

Though there are issues that still need to be sorted out, advocating for healthier fast-food sources could be a starting point for smart sourcing. As millennials enter and take over the workforce, perhaps all areas of business could benefit from the changes occurring in the restaurant industry. Who knows what jobs could arise from the creation of sustainable sources for chain restaurants, but a bustling economy is certainly a good reason to move forward. 

The future of food?

In a recent article, Food Business News estimated that the food market in the United States is capping out at about $800 billion on an annual basis. More people are choosing products that come from sustainable sources rather than the trusted brands of yesterday's generation. The revolution of the restaurant chain could be but the first link that connects millions with fair and ethical products. There is a growing market for this kind of movement and it's smart that the likes of McDonald's and KFC are taking notes. 

If millennials are this passionate about what goes into their Big Macs, what kind of effect is this going to have on the sourcing business as a whole? Since the market, both millennial consumers and others, wants to have ethically sourced hamburgers and local produce at their disposal, companies will need to find procurement services to fit the need of the masses. It's a changing game and suppliers should be willing to comply should enterprises want to hop on board the train that millennials have set in motion. 

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