If you visit sourceoneinc.com this week looking for IT content, you’ll notice we’ve added some new and updated pages.  IT continues to be a very active and successful category for Source One, and it’s always important to reflect on why companies need help managing the sourcing, procurement, and supply chain for IT.   

Historically, IT procurements had been focused largely on cost.  While quality also played an important role in IT purchasing decisions, the IT landscape then was comparatively simple with respect to today’s more complex and strategic environments. Over the last few years, companies have been investing more and more in technology to streamline processes, communicate more efficiently and effectively, reduce overhead, and grow their brand’s reach. This has added significant complexity to creating statements of work, building requirements, project delivery and execution, and of course operational maintenance & support.  

Today, IT is shifting focus to manage a much more complex set of tools that are designed to automate and support many traditional processes that are necessary for, and in many cases the foundation of, business processes across departments and throughout the enterprise.  But being a critical enabler of business processes increases the IT department’s burdens of configuration, implementation, integration, securing, management, and maintenance. And that’s all before we even begin to ask IT to consider cost, category management, or supplier relationship management.  Essentially, IT continually finds itself in unchartered territory - managing business processes that were previously completely foreign and supporting technologies that are totally new to the organization.

What challenges do they face?  Gaining visibility into current spend and potential spend tied to the organization’s IT roadmap, forecasting and managing costs in general, identifying the right suppliers and technologies and procuring them at the best possible cost, and so on.  At the end of the day, what they need are the right resources and expertise to unravel the complexities of each engagement and better manage supplier relationships, contracts, and costs.  

That’s why companies turn to Source One. All those activities I mentioned? They’re right in Source One’s wheelhouse.  It’s what we do every day – our specialty and core business is strategic sourcing. We’re always looking for ways to innovate and grow at Source One, all with the aim of being a better partner for our clients.  IT is going to continue to grow (Gartner forecasts worldwide IT spend will approach $4 trillion this year), and Source One will continue to be there and help companies navigate this extremely complex category.

Head on over to http://www.sourceoneinc.com/IT_strategic_sourcing.html to see what I mean. 

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