It’s no secret that Source One has been welcoming some recent expansion, both in client base and office reach. As of July 1st, Source One opened a second office in downtown Chicago, Illinois. In order to accommodate the needs of Midwest businesses, Source One has positioned themselves to offer their unique service portfolio in a local environment.

Source One CEO, Steven Belli points out that due to the large volume of clients in this area, it made sense to open an office close by. Along with the increasing client demand, he believes, it will be more efficient to provide local, on-demand resources while in the area.

Diego De La Garza, a Source One Senior Project Manager, has been the head of the new office addition and is optimistic about the value Source One is able to provide to the Chicago market. With a talented workforce dedicated to delivering value to clients, Diego believes there will be enhanced success in engagements with this new opportunity.

To learn about this development, please view our recent Press Release surrounding the topic.
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