How can managed IT services satisfy Web development needs?

Both companies new to and familiar with the business arena recognize that having an updated website is imperative to acquiring market share. 

There are a number of Web developers out in the market, but what perspectives should a managed IT services company bring to the table? Programming skills are one thing, but a solid grasp of concept design and usability must be prevalent. 

What to hire 

Weighing the pros and cons of outsourcing to a Web designer itself isn't too difficult. After all, there are few people within an enterprise who have the expertise necessary to make the project run smoothly, let alone know how to work with HTML or CSS. But what should enterprises be mindful of?

Forbes contributor David Teten recently spoke with Kyle Stalzer, president of development firm Tackk, who maintained that organizations should look for Web development professionals who understand that a creating a good-looking homepage isn't the be-all and end-all. A quality webpage fabrication firm possesses:

  • A team of graphic and website designers that can correlate layout, text and navigation with colors, visuals and fonts
  • Marketing specialists who understand what aspects of a website influence conversion rates and bolster traffic
  • Coders who are aware of cybersecurity needs and can spot faults that are easy to overlook or difficult to identify

Creative Bloq contributor Kyle Fiedler maintained that one of the most important aspects of creating sound website designs is usability. If potential customers find it difficult to find specific information and need a service representative to answer their questions, then the layout needs to be reassessed. 

How to hire 

Vendor resource management providers often conduct thorough research on prospective designers before giving their clients the go-ahead to finalize a contract. There are a number of steps these professionals take to assess a Web developer's capabilities and limitations:

  • Visit previously constructed websites to see how sophisticated and navigable the implementations are
  • Check for online search engine patterns to figure out how difficult or easy it is to find Web pages
  • Speak with previous clients to get a solid idea of past experiences, looking for inconsistencies in satisfaction
  • Discover how transparent developers are, favoring those that create an open line of communication and maintain constant connection with clients
  • Challenge prospects with questions pertaining to situations, deducing how well they'll respond to major and minor disruptions 

Above all, it's imperative that enterprises contract a developer capable of conducting website maintenance over a long period of time. If a designer is willing to create a long-term relationship, it's one that will be there when clients need it most. 

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