Diego De La Garza, Kathleen Jordan, and Jennifer Ulrich have all been named Pros to Know for 2014 by Supply & Demand Chain Executive magazine. The SDCE Pros to Know awards honor those individuals from software, service provider, or consultancy firms, or academia, who have helped their supply chain clients or the supply chain community at large meet the challenges presented by a constantly changing business world.

This is the fourth time in five years that Source One professionals have been honored by Supply & Demand Chain Executive and the third consecutive year. It is the second consecutive award for Mr. De La Garza.

Diego De La Garza was awarded for his pioneering work in creating a more thorough understanding of supply chain best business practices with top tier business schools and think-tanks throughout Latin America, as well as businesses throughout the region. He has participated in international congresses, presented at conferences, developed seminars exclusively focused on global supply chain opportunities, and, most recently, developed and starred in a series of Spanish language podcasts designed to prepare Latin American businesses for working with companies looking to nearshore their production.

Kathleen Jordan (formerly Kathleen Daly) was awarded for her work in bringing sales & marketing spend within the purview of strategic sourcing and supply chain groups at several large corporations working with Source One. With one particular client, she helped the company identify an agency of record and establish a single rate card for a number of agencies by seeking out and negotiating directly with the parent agency, and also worked to further cultivate a relationship between the agencies and the company, allowing them to communicate more easily and work faster. These actions optimized the marketing budget and allowed the client’s marketing team to conduct additional initiatives within their budget.

Jennifer Ulrich was awarded for her work with a manufacturing client searching to find value in its direct spend in the establishment and improving of its Supplier Relationship Management (SRM). After a spend analysis that fully detailed the client’s spend and its supplier base, Ulrich and her team utilized market data to illustrate which suppliers could be consolidated, which ones could be replaced, and which ones were producing unique or specialized products. From there, she worked with a team of client stakeholders to implement a relationship-building strategy, fostering communication channels between the client and those supplies critical to its operations. The result was better value in its direct spend budget, and the groundwork has been laid for a partner-like relationship between the client and its critical suppliers.

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