The past few weeks have seen an onslaught of industry insight from Source One being distributed around the web. Given the bad weather, it's OK if you missed some of them. Here's a quick recap:

Bridging the Gap Between IT & Procurement

IT is a group and category that typically has operated outside the purview of procurement. For a number of reasons. As companies look to further cut spending, however, procurement is being asked to work within the IT category. The added stress of modern business puts additional burdens on both IT and procurement and, in turn, creates gaps between the two. Source One's William Dorn delivered an information-packed webinar on this topic, with tips on how to mend the gap, to If you missed the live presentation, you can watch a recording here

Creating a Money-Saving BYOD Policy

Continuing the IT trend is this telecom-centric article by Source One Director of IT Services David Pastore. A two-part series, the first section of this article is up now at Corporate United's CU Achieve blog, and details the ins-and-outs of implementing an effective BYOD policy, a process that starts with an effective initial plan.

Best Practices for Sourcing the Marketing Category

Along with IT & Telecom, Marketing has routinely been off-limits for many procurement groups. As companies look to further optimize their budgets, however, many groups are now gaining access into Marketing, and are coping with the category's sometimes-steep learning curve. Katherine Wang, a senior analyst with Source One's Marketing & Sales sourcing team, put together a handy infographic covering some best practices in Marketing for ThomasNet's Procurement Journal. Give it a look!

Statement of Work Best Practices

Most supplier confusion and miscommunication can be attributed to a bad SOW. Whether they're too vague, too broad, too generic, or too technical, a bad SOW can cause a lot of problems. Danielle Rosato, on this very blog, wrote a great checklist of all the elements that should be in an SOW and the content for each. Well worth the read!
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