Throughout the decade, a "talent gap" has plagued Procurement. Most organizations simply cannot get a hold of the talent they need to make Procurement a value generator and thrive in a new digital era. Even fewer businesses can convince leading talent to stick around. According the latest Deloitte CPO survey, just 46% of Procurement leaders have faith in their teams.

To make matters worse, the "gap" is really several gaps. Organizations aren't just lacking for one set of skills. In addition to Procurement's traditional skill set, they're looking for candidates with a wealth of technological know-how as well as so-called "soft skills." They've got their work cut out for them.

Where can organizations start? Check out the infographic below for some suggestions.

Procurement's lingering talent gap is just one of the subjects Corcentric discusses in Procurement in 2020. Download the whitepaper today for a comprehensive look at the trends and topics that will define the next decade of Supply Chain Management.
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