Best-in-class Procurement teams continually produce value beyond cost savings.  They drive collaboration across departments, discourage inefficiency, and promote strategic practices throughout their company's operations.  Many organizations, however, lack even a basic system for tracking and reporting on Procurement's performance. 

Implementing metrics is an essential step in evolving your Procurement function. By demonstrating their value, tactical purchasing teams can earn company-wide support and mature into more strategic units.   Why doesn't every company take a closer look?  Simply put, they're too intimidated by the numbers.

In our data driven world, tools and technologies grow more complicated every day.  Measuring Procurement's performance can look like a time-consuming, costly, and confusing task.  Jennifer Engel, a Senior Project Analyst at Source One, knows it doesn't have to be.

On Source One's latest podcast episode, she shares five straight-forward metrics for determining Procurement's value.  Ranging from cost savings to spend under contract, these simple measurements give businesses a better understanding of the department's workload, its efficiency, and its potential for growth.

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