December 8, 2017

Here's a look at where Source One's cost reduction experts have been featured this week!

New Whitepaper: 

5 Pro Tips for Impactful Procurement
Drawing from thousands of successful sourcing initiatives, Source One's Procurement consultants offer advice for maximizing the department's value.  In their latest whitepaper, the Strategic Sourcing leaders provide strategies for aligning Procurement to meet enterprise-wide goals and manage change across organizations. There's obviously no one-size-fits-all approach to great Procurement.  These five tips, however, should help any organization get on the right track.

New Podcasts:

Bridging the Gap Between IT and Procurement 
Procurement groups often face resistance when collaborating with IT.  Many IT departments still think of reckless cost-cutting and inferior products when they think of Procurement.  Strategic Sourcing expert Torey Guingrich joins the Source One Podcast to discuss strategies for optimizing the relationship between Procurement and IT.  It's important, she suggests, for Procurement to present itself as a decision support group rather than a spend-slashing adversary.  Working together, the two departments can produce savings and drive efficiency across their organizations.

5 Essential Procurement Metrics
You can't measure what you don't know.  This might seem obvious, but many companies still lack even basic methods for measuring Procurement's performance.  Procurement and Strategic Sourcing analyst Jennifer Engel offers 5 simple metrics for assessing the department.  Including cost savings, cost avoidance, and spend under contract, these provide the foundation for a thorough assessment of Procurement's value.  Companies should find it much easier to perform more sophisticated analyses once they've established these systems.

Are You Letting Your Telecom Spend Go Unreviewed? 
Procurement professionals working in telecom must contend with countless taxes, surcharges and fees.  These mysterious charges typically make up as much as 30% of an organization's total telecom spend.  Many Procurement groups fail to look closely enough at these costs.  Assuming they are unavoidable, they get stuck in wildly inefficient and expensive service agreements. Telecom sourcing expert Dave Pastore suggests closer auditing can reveal considerable savings.  In this podcast, he discusses the benefit of looking into telecom spend more thoroughly.  Procurement teams, he suggests, should find the process surprisingly rewarding and painless.

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