In spite of rapid digitalization, Direct Mail campaigns are still a popular marketing tactic.  For over a century, companies have relied on catalogs and mailers to reach new consumers and build upon relationships in existing markets.  Why mess with success?  After all, the best campaigns produce a high return on investment for their organizations.  

Postage, however, can prove a costly and complicated spend category.  Even after designing their mailers, creating mailing lists, and coordinating printing, companies still have their work cut out for them.  Achieving the maximum possible discounts from USPS and determining the optimal delivery strategy is no small feat.

Source One's Procurement and Strategic Sourcing experts have helped companies across numerous industries develop and execute impactful Direct Mail campaigns.  Check out their latest infographic to learn more about reducing costs and reaching your audience: 

Are you looking to develop and execute a Direct Mail initiative? Have your previous efforts failed to meet expectations? Contact Source One's Direct Mail Optimization experts today.  They'll leverage their experience in both Procurement and Marketing to optimize the content, creation, and delivery of your mailers.

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