November 3, 2017

Here's a look at where Source One's cost reduction experts have been featured this week!

Recent Blogs:

Sanguine Strategic Sourcing 
Jennifer Ulrich, Sourcing Innovation, 10/31/2017
Over its 25 years, Source One has helped its clients purchase some strange things.  Surprisingly, sourcing human blood proved no spookier than procuring any other commodity.  Ulrich looks back on the experience to assess the differences between multi and single-source purchasing strategies. She concludes that, whatever the product or service, the same basic principles of effective sourcing always apply.

Managed Print Services Models Part 1: Lease vs. Buy?
Torey Guingrich, Buyer's Meeting Point, 10/31/2017
The ongoing shift toward digital technology has not eliminated the demand for printing services.  Sourcing these services typically comes down to assessing whether buying or leasing would better serve an organization's needs.  Key considerations for answering this question include: replacement rates, financing rates, and additional value-adds. Next week, Guingrich will take a closer look at service component structures.

A Word of Advice to the Young Procurement Professional 
Samantha Hoy, MRA Global Sourcing, 11/1/2017
Procurement and strategic sourcing has recently become an especially appealing industry for young professionals.  Drawing from her own experience, Hoy offers five pieces of advice for millennials looking to succeed in the industry.  She particularly emphasizes the importance of conducting thorough research and maintaining a consistent, professional tone in all communications.

New Podcasts:

25 Years of Service from Source One
Source One is the oldest firm around that focuses exclusively on strategic sourcing.  Take a closer look at how they've helped set themselves apart over the last 25 years with this short video.  You'll see how procurement evolved from a tactical function to a more nuanced, strategic one and how Source One's offerings have matured and expanded throughout the years.

How Much of your Telecom Spend is Going Unreviewed?
It's not a secret that taxes, surcharges, and fees are both vague and ubiquitous when it comes to telecom purchasing.  Though these charges often constitute as much as 30% of total spend, many procurement groups lack the time or resources to effectively audit them.  As a result, they miss out on potential savings and remain locked in inefficient vendor relationships.  Source One's David Pastore explains the potential benefit of more closely assessing these costs in this short video.

Upcoming Events:

American Supply Association Fall Dinner: Oakbrook Terrace, IL
Source One's Jennifer Engel will speak at the ASA's annual fall dinner on November 13th.  Calling upon her years of procurement experience, she'll discuss the ongoing evolution of e-commerce.  She'll pay special attention to its effect on relationships between buyers and vendors as well as the threat posed by giants like Amazon and  

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