November 10, 2017

Here's a look at where Source One's cost reduction experts have been featured this week!

New Whitepaper: 

5 Pro Tips for Impactful Procurement
Today's best-in-class Procurement groups are not merely tactical purchasing teams.  Instead, they serve as a valuable, strategic business unit that delivers value across entire organizations.  Leveraging 25 years of sourcing experience, Source One's consultants provide tips for maximizing Procurement's influence.  Obviously, there is no one-size-fits all approach to employing a Procurement team.  These tips, however, should provide a starting point for any business looking to align purchasing with their enterprise-specific goals.

Recent Blogs:

Managed Print Services Models Part 2: Actual Volumes or Allowance + Overages?
Torey Guingrich, Buyer's Meeting Point, 11/07/2017
Guingrich concludes her series on procuring copiers and printers by taking a closer look at maintenance structures.  First, she says, it's important to determine whether you'll pay for the actual volume of printing, or make payments based on your adherence to a predetermined allowance.  Companies that opt for the latter need to pay particular attention to their organization's overall print strategy.  They should also push suppliers to underline cost-savings opportunities during quaterly meetings. Without a detailed look at this spend area, it can prove especially challenging to optimize savings.

Recent Podcasts:

25 Years of Service from Source One
Take a look at how Source One's become an industry leader and helped drive the evolution of Procurement over the last 25 years. In this short video, you'll see how a small firm specializing in MRO and Telecom purchasing matured into a best-in-class service provider.  You'll also learn more about Procurement's decades-long shift from a mostly tactical function to a more nuanced, strategic business unit.

How Much of your Telecom Spend is Going Unreviewed?
Taxes, surcharges, and fees often account for as much as 30% of an organization's total Telecom spend.  Many companies lack and the time and tools necessary to effectively audit these charges.  Others are simply unaware that a little effort could mean huge cost savings and efficiency boosts.  In this short video, David Pastore takes a closer look at the potential benefit of assessing these charges.

Upcoming Events:

American Supply Association Fall Dinner: Oakbrook Terrace, IL
Senior Project Analyst Jennifer Engel will speak at the American Supply Association's annual fall dinner on Monday, November 13th.  Drawing from years of procurement experience, she'll discuss the emergence and ongoing evolution of e-commerce.  She'll pay particular attention to the ways it has affected relationships between buyers and suppliers.

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