Coming to Source One, I didn’t know what to expect. My hope was that it would be what I was looking for and what was advertised: an opportunity to get the full experience of an analyst in a warm, fun, and challenging environment. After a couple of months, I can safely say that the experience has been everything I could have hoped for.

After initial training, I was thrust into support roles.  I've collaborated with consultants and other members across various department on everything from external client work such as analyzing suitable suppliers for major clients, looking over invoices, and categorizing client’s spend, as well more internal work.  These tasks have included  tools to expedite ticketing processes and developing marketing presentations to pitch to prospective clients. 

Working in these different departments has really been a perk of the position.  The diversity of my daily tasks provides the opportunity to develop a number of skills. For instance, a month ago, I was tasked with helping develop a ticketing system within Excel. Though I was provided with instructions, I was also afforded a good deal of autonomy.  It was largely up to me to decide how the system would come together. I saw this as a great opportunity to challenge myself and learn some VBA (Visual Basics for Applications) skills to create the ticket system. With the encouragement of the Jonathan Groda, a Senior Analyst at Source One, and James Patounas, a Senior Data Scientist, I was quickly able to develop a rudimentary ticketing system. Thanks to some additional guidance, I successfully developed a more robust, streamlined system.  Throughout the execution of that task, I enjoyed the opportunity to lead meetings and take part in sessions with Source One's thought leaders. They've helped introduce me to development shortcuts and aesthetic standards to consider while writing code. The encouragement and constructive feedback I received throughout this project is really representative Source One's office culture.  Everyone here is not only an expert, but they also care deeply about developing new experts and encouraging professional growth.  

I've also appreciated the opportunity to interact with co-workers across the organization.  The flexibility of my position and Source One's close-knit community make it possible to get to know just about everybody.  The idea of being placed in a 'Data Science silo' doesn’t mesh with my varied interests, so the opportunity to work across different departments and get a holistic idea of Source One's operations has been great. 

So far, my experience with Source One has been both enjoyable and instructive. I have essentially gained the experience of a full-time analyst and have been able to develop my communication, qualitative, and quantitative skills while having fun in a relaxed and supportive workplace.
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