When Source One came on the scene in 1992, sourcing was a largely tactical function for most of our clients. The term 'procurement' was often seen as more or less synonymous with 'purchasing.' Our founders set a goal to introduce procurement departments to the considerable benefit of more strategic, proactive purchasing.

Even the greats start small.  We were no exception, offering contingency-based cost reduction services for MRO and Telecom purchasing.  Our success soon made it clear that the principles of strategic sourcing could produce savings across all indirect spend categories, optimize supply chain operations in various industries, and enable our clients to reach best-in-class agreements with vendors.

Today's leading procurement teams function as fully-integrated business units that make strategic impacts on their organizations' bottom lines.  They each owe something to our efforts over the last quarter century to shape and aim the future of procurement.  Countless firms have come and gone, but Source One and its imitators are standing stronger than ever. 

Check out this quick video to learn more about how we've set helped shape the last 25 years of strategic sourcing and set ourselves apart as an industry leader.
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