ICYMIM: November 13, 2017

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Supplier Rationalization - Revisited
Tom Finn, Spend Matters, 11/8/2017
Finn reminds procurement professionals that supplier rationalization does not have to mean consolidating or reducing your supply base.  In fact, securing more strategic relationships can often mean increasing the number of suppliers utilized, routinely shifting a supply base, or developing a strategy that allows for continuous changes to supplier relationships.  It's important to remember that the process of supplier rationalization is a constant one.

Cottrill Research's Open Access Research Provider List of Honor
Cottrill Research, 11/2/2017
To commemorate Open Access Week, Cottrill Research has announced their annual list of honorees.  These are organizations and publications who reject traditional, exclusionary publishing models and choose instead to provide valuable information absolutely free. This year's Top Honorees include Spend Matters and Buyer's Meeting Point.  My Purchasing Center also earned an Honorable Mention.  Thanks to each of the recognized organizations for the vital service they provide procurement professionals everywhere. 

Leveling up to E-Sourcing Mastery: A Collaborative Approach
Nick Heinzmann, Spend Matters, 11/8/2017
It's clear that many e-Sourcing providers have failed to adequately inform procurement teams of their tools' benefits.  Heinzmann suggests a number of options for encouraging adoption.  The key, he suggests, is to treat it like a game.  For example, providers could introduce modules that provide "selective access" to their e-Sourcing platform.  This would encourage users to continually employ the tool in hopes of earning access to more sophisticated features.  Consultants, too, can stagger their on-boarding procedures to ensure tools are introduced more effectively.

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