Looking to source new telecom products or services? How about renewing existing services? There's no doubt your telecom contract will be filled with an array of intricate terms and conditions. All of which, aren't necessarily in the large print. Many items are buried within complex language of the often lengthy document. 

Don't panic! Here are a few items to consider when assessing your telecom contracts:

Telecom Contracts 101

Telecom contracts are just one area IT and Procurement teams should align for optimal vendor relationships. Too often, Procurement is simply relocated to processing the PO rather than providing guidance during the sourcing process. This approach severely limits the impact Procurement teams can have in terms of providing market insight and budget optimization. 

Learn more about how Procurement and IT and Telecom teams can work collaboratively to support enterprise-wide objectives in Source One's latest whitepaper, titled: Equipping Procurement to Tackle IT Spend: Building Successful Relationships with Stakeholders

Need support ensuring the terms and conditions within your contract are best-in-class? Source One's Contract and Negotiation experts can help! 

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