Whether they're looking to meet seasonal demand, enter an unfamiliar market, or kick off a new initiative, more and more companies are embracing independent procurement contractors.  With the freelance workforce growing at a consistent rate, even companies who've never considered leveraging this type of employee might need to start soon.

Unfortunately, many organizations miss out the benefit of a contingent workforce because of outdated misconceptions.  Our latest infographic aims to set the record straight.  Take a look, and you'll better understand what it's really like to collaborate with a procurement contractor.

Independent Contractors: Fact and Fiction

Is your company looking for extra support in your supply management or procurement efforts? Source One's offers several possible solutions.  In addition to our diverse consulting services and contractor staffing support, we offer a unique hybrid solution.  Leveraging Source One's experts services alongside a dedicated on-site resource will help your company drive efficiency and produce cost savings.  Give us a call today to learn more about supplementing your procurement operations with Source One.
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