Source One Round Up: November 11, 2016

Here's a look at where Source One's cost reduction
 experts have been featured this week!

Give Your Procurement Practice Some Backbone
When organizations begin to make the transition from decentralized to centralized procurement operations, there can be quite a few growing pains. In many cases, distilling the information to the right parties and getting stakeholders on board can be major challenges. Without the right amount of support from top-end leaders, resistance can easily halt the initiative. This week, Source One Project Manager Torey Guingrich explains the practices necessary to give your procurement organization a backbone. She gives an overview of the common reasons for stakeholder disengagement when it comes to getting teams on board and the policies to establish that will ensure your procurement practices are fully adopted.

"How to Future-Proof Your Procurement Support Team"
On Wednesday, November 16th Source One, Corporate United, and MRA Global Sourcing will be hosting a webinar on preparing your procurement team for the changing vision of Procurement and Supply Management. The perfectly timed webinar as the year comes to a close, will cover the blend of internal resources and external solutions to address evolving challenges facing procurement groups. The session will cover how the function has changed over the years and explore the different strategies and tactics available to organizations.

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