Each year THOMASNET.com and the Institute for Supply Management recognize 30 incredible purchasing and supply chain management  professionals under the age of 30, for their contributions to the industry through the 30 Under 30 Rising Supply Chain Star Recognition Program. This year, Source One's very own Senior Project Manager and MRO Category Expert, Michael Croasdale received the recognition - making the list of 30 Rising Supply Chain Stars for his innovative work delivering a preferred vendor program for a construction client utilizing Google Earth technology.

While Croasdale's solution saved his client thousands of dollars, all too often millennials receive a ton of flack for their dependency on technology - among the long list of other generational stereotypes. However, millennials are making a huge impact on the supply chain management industry. As drivers behind human-centered technology, millennials in the workforce are transforming the way companies operate.

And, despite the terrible preconceptions of the millennial generation, they're not all lazy and entitled. They are a generation composed of diverse backgrounds and motivations. To address those stereotypes, Source One's Michael Croasdale joined two other Rising Supply Chain Stars: Aisha Khan oh Johnson and Johnson and Amrish Lobo of Baker Hughes for a podcast discussion on Being a Millennial in the Supply Chain Management Field. Together, they share the stereotypes they wish they could change the most, as well as how managers can keep millennial talent engaged. For future graduates and millennials interested in a career in supply chain management and procurement, each 30 Under 30 winner shares what motivated their career path in the field and their advice for those looking to do the same.
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