At my first day at Source One, I did not know what to expect. I studied Source One’s service offerings on the website in order to prepare me for my first day, but I continued to have trouble imagining the work I would be doing. I reviewed my interview notes from when I spoke to the Intern Program leaders about the day-to-day tasks for analyst interns - yet I was still unsure of what specific projects I'd be supporting, the suppliers I'd interact with, and the industries I'd be working in.

My unofficial first day at Source One was the company's Labor Day picnic - during which I was able to meet the team outside the typical office environment and get to know them in a more team building atmosphere. Everyone kept reiterating "Today isn't your typical day at the office." While it wasn't a traditional start to an internship, the picnic allowed me to easily break the ice with my new coworkers. The team was welcoming and I felt quickly at ease getting to know them outside the office walls.

During the official first week at Source One, any questions regarding my role were quickly answered as I began getting filled in on the various projects I'd be working on. As Analyst Interns, much of our time is spent supporting data collection and analysis. We are constantly analyzing invoices, contracts, and other documents to develop a clear view of how companies are spending in a particular category in the form a baseline report. In addition to data analysis, supplier research is vital to establishing a baseline. Supplier research is one of my favorite aspects of my work at Source One. It allows me to get a better understanding of wide range of industries but also has a direct impact on projects as it helps give clients a better idea of the market landscape and their options for cost-reduction. 

In my time at Source, I have gained additional responsibility. I taking on analyst responsibilities for a building materials project working alongside one of Source One's veteran Project Managers.  Like myself, the Project Manager also has an engineering background. Working on this project has been a great experience. I am developing the knowledge and skills to be an Analyst, and have Project Manager to support me along the way. He understands my perspective as an engineering coming into procurement. From his immense experience at Source One, he can help me relate my experience to the overall strategic sourcing process, making me that much more prepared to become an Analyst. For this project I have conducted hours of supplier research which includes using online sources to find suppliers and conducted initial Request For Information (RFI) calls. These calls are used to see if the supplier is a good fit and interested in the project. I am currently in the process of my first RFQ with this project.

I am really enjoying my internship. I am constantly busy but it is not a secluded atmosphere and people are always willing to help. Team building activities and collaborative work environment, make Source One a great work environment to grow. In the future I'm looking forward to getting involved with more Marketing Sourcing initiatives and consult more supplier research within the field to expand my own knowledge in the vertical. I want to continue to work on direct materials projects because I love being able to bring my own knowledge to the table. I came to Source One hoping to blend technology with business and I’ve come to greatly enjoy procurement and have a desire to make a career in supply chain. I am excited to see where this internship takes me.
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