This summer the Strategic Sourceror kicked off its Intern Corner (Intern Corner - Summer 2016 Internship Program Introduction), profiling students and young professionals participating in Source One’s Analyst Internship Program. This fall Source One welcomes new interns to its Chicago and Willow Grove office. Continuing the Intern Corner series, we’ll hear from our fall analyst interns as they share their individual goals and experiences contributing to real-world procurement initiatives.

Source One’s analyst internship program gives young professionals exposure to a wide range of industries through a supply management perspective. Analyst interns contribute to projects from start to finish and get to see how their work plays a role in the end result for clients. The program allows interns to gain real world experience and learn important skills that will can be applied down the road as they start their career in supply chain management and consulting. With exposure to procurement consulting techniques, client services, marketing and business development, interns gain an understanding of the processes and operations taking place at Source One. As a part of the Source One team, analyst interns also participate in process training sessions, office volunteering opportunities, and other team building events.

Learn about some of the interns that most recently joined the Source One team below, and keep an eye out for their upcoming contributions to The Strategic Sourceror in the Intern Corner.

My name is Zakariah Kulam and I am a twenty-three year old from Munster, Indiana. I am a recent graduate of Northwestern University where I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Economics with a minor in Chemistry. Before coming to Source One, I had planned on pursuing a career in chemistry through either research or graduate school. However, during my junior and senior years, I realized that I wanted to pursue a career in either business or finance.

Thus far I have had a terrific experience here in our Chicago office. On my first day, I was greeted by all my coworkers with a smile and immediately felt right at home. The atmosphere has the familiarity of a tight-knit office, but a work ethic that matches any company in Chicago. I proceeded to hit the ground running assisting in data cleansing and spend analysis projects.

As Source One is a consulting firm, one of my goals for this internship was to gain insight into as many different industries as possible. Luckily for me, mastering a new field is just considered another day at the office. My work has taken me everywhere from security equipment to agricultural products. Through this role, I look forward to learning even more about supply chain analysis, digging into the process of strategic sourcing, and gaining experience in many different industries.

My name is Catherine Nardone and I am a 22-year old originally from Pittstown, a small town in central New Jersey. I am in my senior year at Arcadia University, located just a few towns over from Source One’s Willow Grove, PA office. I started my college career as a Print Communications major and changed to Corporate Communications with an International Business Administration minor after my first year, when I realized my interests aligned more with media and event relations, planning, and promotion. Coming out of a marketing and communications internship for an association management company this summer, I was excited to transition from working with an organization that offered consulting services for nonprofits to one whose clients were for profits.

In the pursuit of fall internships, I was seeking a position that would allow me to gain experience that would prepare me for my post-grad career and offer me responsibility in projects and content generation. When I discovered the opportunity at Source One I was convinced no other internship would compare and studied the company through their website and blog, realizing I would thrive professionally and personally in the program. This internship doubles as a learning opportunity for students to get an inside look at the strategic sourcing and procurement industry and how it works through the process training every new employee undergoes.

Everyone I’ve had the chance to work with, from my direct Communication’s supervisors to Associate Directors, always communicate expectations for my work and the priorities of a project so I’m aware of what needs to be done and how it contributes to Source One as a whole. Each member of the Source One team has been friendly and the environment is the ideal balance between work and play. While I have the utmost respect for everyone here, that respect is reciprocated for myself and the other interns throughout Source One.

To meet more of our Fall 2016 Interns, visit the Intern Corner- Fall 2016 Analyst Interns Continued!

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