Looking to get your cost reduction initiative off the ground quickly?

Considering a spend analysis software, but lack the resources to undergo an extensive system integration?

Look no further, Source One has you covered!

We're proud to announce the official launch of our Spend Analysis as a service and platform, www.SpendConsultant.com! We've made it even easier for companies to gain spend visibility -no burdensome systems integration or software implementation necessary. Spend Consultant combines expert-conducted spend analysis with the reporting and visualization power of leading spend analysis software to deliver you a rapid and actionable spend analysis.

Source One’s spend analysis services and web platform, www.SpendConsultant.com, helps companies gain a clear view of their spend history and patterns, simultaneously removing the unnecessary obstacles of traditional spend analysis software implementation. There’s no need for systems integrations or deep handholding with IT and Finance departments. Spend Consultant is powered by Source One’s decades of supplier intelligence gained through thousands of strategic sourcing and benchmarking projects – making it simple for companies to quickly identify savings opportunities and drive further value from their supply base.

Spend Consultant is a low-cost and rapidly deployable solution for organizations looking to easily gain spend visibility, as well as guidance for spend management success. The spend analysis as a service is available at no cost for clients who engage Source One for major strategic sourcing and spend management initiatives. Spend Consultant clients can also take advantage of Source One’s Opportunity Assessment – which applies Source One’s vast market intelligence and category expertise to deliver a cost reduction roadmap. The roadmap provides an outline for actionable strategies for achieving your spend management goals and is the ideal foundation for companies looking to optimize their budgets.

Contact our Spend Management Experts today to learn more about Source One’s Spend Analysis and Opportunity Assessment Services.

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