Source One Round Up: October 21, 2016

Here's a look at where Source One's cost reduction
 experts have been featured this week!

Is it time for a Telecom Audit?
When's the last time you took a comprehensive look at your telecom spend? Dealing with changing technologies, outdated contracts, complex billing platforms, and more, can make getting an understanding of your telecom spend can seem like a headache. Luckily there's a way out of the complex telecom maze: conducting a Telecom Audit. This week's Source One Telecom Analyst, Iyana Lester, explains the three questions to ask when deciding whether your company could use a telecom audit.

Source One's Associate Director, Jennifer Ulrich will be leveraging her vast experience leading Procurement Transformation initiatives as a guest speaker during the Next Level Purchasing Association's Annual Conference. Her session, titled No Taxation without Representation: Procurement's Crucial Seat at the Table will review Procurement's value proposition and the ways Procurement groups can enhance their performance and achieve the coveted role of strategic advisor within their organizations.

October 26-28: ProcureCon Pharma
Source One returns to ProcureCon Pharma as both sponsors and featured speakers. The three-day event boasts a variety of presentations and workshops geared toward addressing the supply chain and procurement challenges facing pharmaceutical companies. This year, Source One Director David Pastore will be presenting a session titled, From Value during which he'll cover how Procurement groups can demonstrate their value through innovative metrics and reporting. 

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