Today, our spend management experts will be at DePaul University in Chicago from 3-6pm for the Fall Job and Internship Fair. We're looking to fill open Analyst Intern positions with bright and highly motivated future graduates interested in procurement consulting. DePaul students are encouraged to stop by the Source One table to learn more about the role of an Analyst Intern and share your professional experience! 

Getting ready to attend your college's career fair? Meeting recruiters during these events can be nerve wracking. For many companies, meeting students during college career fairs is the first step in the interview process. Here are five tips for hitting it off with the recruiters:

1. Do your research ahead of time: There's nothing wrong with not knowing exactly what you want to do after graduation. That's the benefit of internships - you get to experiment in various organizations and roles until you find the right fit. However, that doesn't mean you shouldn't begin the learning process by first identifying companies and roles of interest. Take a look at the roster of companies planning to attend the event, research them and the roles available. Knowing background on the company and having an understanding of the open positions with help guide your conversation with the recruiter and show your initiative.

2. Ask Questions: Along the same lines of being prepared, don't be afraid to ask questions about the company, the position, and the workplace culture. Just as this is an informal interview of your qualifications, this is an opportunity for you to validate whether you think the company is a good fit for you.  

3. Be Ready to Answer Questions About Yourself: Your resume can't be your only sell. Make sure you're able to articulate your experience at past internships or jobs. While you're resume should explain what you've accomplished, use your time talking to the recruiters to explain how you accomplished it. 

4. Don't be Nervous: Yes, essentially meeting with recruiters is the initial step to pursuing your next position but keep calm. Remember, your talking to people who have once been in your shoes. Take a deep breath. Speak slowly. Remain confident.

5. Be Memorable: During recruiting events, company representatives are speaking to dozens of candidates. Make sure that you're not just handing over a resume and running out the door. Stand out by taking a few extra minutes to fully explain your resume, make a joke, or simply exude a happy and positive attitude. You want to leave a lasting and positive impression.

Those are our five tips for impressing recruiters during college career fairs. 

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