On the final day of ProcureCon Pharma, sessions will focus on the Future of Procurement and what to consider when planning for what your organization may need in a decade. Based on patterns from the history of procurement and how it has evolved as a function, conversations are moving away from the traditional concept to where procurement is headed. Guests are guaranteed to gain valuable takeaways that can be applied for their organization and enhance their procurement processes.

While highlighting procurement's direction, today’s discussions also advises attendees on how to prepare and plan ahead for their organization. Throughout the day thought leaders, including Johnson and Johnson, will provide their insights on the benefits of career pathing as well as the tools and skillsets tomorrow’s procurement professional’s will need. A variety of speakers will deliver the audience different perspectives that can both align with their role and the position of other team members.

Source One’s Director David Pastore presented yesterday advising attendees how to demonstrate progress in procurement initiatives and capitalizing on the growing discipline of data science for procurement. Pastore offered insight to assist attendees in creating a competitive advantage for their organization and a new approach to sourcing goals in a profound and organized way. The presentation was a great success and Pastore thanks the board and directors of ProcureCon Pharma for providing the opportunity to meet with other professionals in procurement.
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