Source One's Data Scientist, Jame Patounas, discusses his role in developing 

Last week, Source One officially launched its new spend analysis as a service online platform The unique tool delivers the spend visibility and visualization power of traditional spend analysis software, with a refreshing twist: no extensive software implementation or systems integration necessary. Cue the sighs of relief from procurement professionals everywhere - which is exactly the goal of Spend Consultant. Our tool makes it easy for our clients to gain spend visibility quickly without having to conduct a manual spend analysis or undergo an extensive system implementation by launching a spend analysis software. 

How does Spend Consultant work? (We get this question a lot)
In a semi-automated process, your data is collected, cleansed, and categorized through Spend Consultant and then verified by our spend management experts based on your company's unique profile. We're leveraging decades of spend analysis experience and an array of proprietary market intelligence, making the spend analysis process fast and actionable for your cost reduction initiatives. 

What's so great about Spend Consultant? (Where do we even begin...) 
Honestly, a number of things but what we're most proud of is our proprietary procurement-focused taxonomy. Meaning, Spend Consultant doesn't just regurgitate your GL or ERP data and expect you to know what to do with it. With Spend Consultant, your data is cleansed and categorized in way that makes sense to procurement, based on spend categories. Plus, with the web tool you're able to simply log in to your account, drill into your spend data, and begin deciding where to launch your cost reduction initiatives. Still need some more support? We've got you covered. Spend Consultant includes tips and advice to approaching your spend categories based on our decades of experience. Looking for more hands-on support from spend management experts? Say no more. We'll develop you a customized spend management road map for achieving your cost reduction goals and manage everything from RFx development and implementation through contract negotiations

What did the process of developing Spend Consultant look like? 
Read all about Developing Spend Consultant in an interview with our Data Scientist -  James Patounas. In part one of the three part interview, James explains the what the team looked like from a tactical and strategic perspective. In addition, he covers the thought process behind the procurement-focused taxonomy and the project's major milestones from the tools inception to launch. 

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