On October 24th and 25th the Next Level Purchasing Association welcomes procurement professionals to Pittsburgh, PA for their annual conference. This year’s attendees are invited to ‘make their mark on procurement history’ alongside leading procurement practitioners, thought leaders and other key players in the industry. Created with the needs of today’s procurement pros in mind, this conference offers valuable insight and takeaways for participants through an assortment of workshops and presentations. In between educational sessions, networking opportunities allow for meeting with other members of the procurement industry including a variety of providers of procurement-related products and services.

Associate Director and Procurement Transformation Advisor, Jennifer Ulrich will present a session titled No Taxation without Representation: Procurement’s Crucial Seat at the Table -keeping with the historical theme of the event. The session will guide participants on how to redirect the traditional approach to procurement by using better metrics, improved hiring practices and means for supplementing internal resources with the right partners. Ulrich offers these methods and more to demonstrate the value of procurement for any organization. Attendees can look forward to bringing these materials into important discussions and contribute to decisions with an informed voice. Other sessions include advice on negotiations, KPIs, cost saving ideas, and more procurement trends.

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