Source One Round Up: September 2, 2016

Here's a look at where Source One's cost reduction
 experts have been featured this week!


Gas Trickles Down

Noone is complaining about the savings at the gas pump this summer! On average, the cost per gallon is only $2.14! Taking advantage of the low fuel costs, many summer vacationers are hitting the road! This week Source One's Senior Analyst Maribeth Klinger reviews how the low prices are impacting consumers, and what that could mean for businesses. 

Building a Competitive Advantage through a Business Continuity Plan

Whether related to natural disasters, material shortages,or product recalls, staying ahead of potentially devastating scenarios to your supply chain is crucial to maintaining a competitive advantage. In those worst-case scenarios, is your company prepared to keep business operations up and running? This week Source One Project Analyst Jennifer Engel explains the importance of establishing a Business Continuity Plan and how communicating these plans to key stakeholders can give you an added competitive edge. 


A Convergence of Factors Driving the Nearshoring Trend

Moving supply chain operations from Far East countries in Asia to Mexico and South America has quickly become a major trend for North America-based companies. Offering faster lead times, cultural similarities, and competitive labor rates, Mexico has become the go-to nearshoring destination. This week Source One's Project Manager Kenneth Ballard sat down with Buyers Meeting Point's Kelly Barner to elaborate on the many factors contributing to the nearshoring trend and what companies should be aware of when considering transplanting supply chain operations to the growing country.  

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