Source One Round Up: December 4, 2015 

Here's a look at where Source One experts have been featured this week!


How to Successfully Break Up with a Supplier
Ending a relationship is never easy, but it doesn't have to be a negative experience. Equally as important as supplier on-boarding, the transition process requires clear communication, preparation, and reflection. This week Source One's Senior Project Analyst, Tracey Horrocks shares her lessons learned from years of experience building effective supplier relationships, including how to end a supplier relationship without burning bridges (yes, it is possible). While the process can be complex, there are simple steps you can take that make the break up a productive experience for your organization, your "ex", and new suppliers. 

Preparing Your Supply Chain for the Unexpected
Unfortunately, mother nature is far from predictable. From natural disasters to crop shortages, there's little for us supply chain mortals to do other than prepare ourselves and limit the impact. Don't miss these 7 tips for preparing your supply chain for the worst mother nature has to offer, provided by Source One Project Analyst Nicole Mahaffey. 

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