Source One Round Up: December 11, 2015 

Here's a look at where Source One experts have been featured this week!


Can we just be friends? How to survive an incumbent supplier breakup
It happens; sometimes client-supplier relationships don't end in happily ever after. Sometimes another supplier is better suited for your organization's needs and expectations. While it isn't always a situation to look forward to, ending supplier relationships doesn't have to be a negative experience. This past week, Source One Senior Analyst, Tracey Horrocks and Senior Project Manager, Diego De la Garza, join Buyers Meeting Point's Kelly Barner to discuss how to best approach the end point of your supplier relationship. 

Speaking the Same Language: The First Step to Aligning Marketing and Procurement
Marketing and procurement departments are infamous for not always seeing eye to eye. The reasons for the disconnection are seemingly endless, but as procurement begins to make its way into previously untouchable categories like IT and marketing, the need for these departments to align to serve the organization's overarching strategy grows ever prevalent. It begins with first speaking the same language. Source One's Analyst, Meg Connell shares key tips for getting marketing and procurement departments effectively communicating as the foundation for a positive relationship.  

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