Technology changing global supply chains

With advancements in technology being made on a near daily basis, companies are utilizing these gains to help grow their firms, improve efficiency and increase sales. Businesses can also use these tools to better their supply chain optimization techniques, ensure their global operations are running smoothly and be certain things are going according to plan. By holding back and refusing to implement new technology, a company may see itself fall behind and remain unable to compete with others in its industry. 

Mobility makes on-the-go work easier 

More people than ever are using smartphones and tablets, and a good deal of that market is business-related. Companies officials can use mobile devices to receive updates while they're in the field, in the office or sitting in business meetings. When those in charge have access to critical information about delayed shipments, expected production hold-ups or logistical challenges immediately, they can be better prepared to resolve such problems and implement new strategies to avoid them in the future, such as strategic sourcing initiatives and new procurement tactics. Being able to receive updates from anywhere is increasingly important and mobile devices can prove to be a huge benefit if a company is able to use them to get out of a tight spot quickly. 

Social media growth may assist supply chains 

Social media platforms have become increasingly popular over the past years, and companies are now using the networks for many purposes besides keeping up with friends and colleagues. Some businesses are even creating their own networks that function like social platforms, but are in place to better serve the company and ensure information is quickly made available to all employees, suppliers and partners. With networks like these, companies can stay on top of news from suppliers and manufacturing facilities, as well as get continuous updates on processes throughout the supply chain. 

Cloud computing increasing 

Another technological gain helping supply chains is the cloud. Using remote storage systems allow companies to easily keep massive amounts of data, access files from anywhere and learn more about how their supply chains, procurement processes and logistical operations function as a whole. Company officials are easily able to find vital supply chain information by using cloud systems, and the implementation of such a program can also result in cost savings for a business in the long run. 

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