CES 2013 unveiled many new products for this coming year and it amazes me how technology has shifted, impacting and integrating into all parts of our everyday life.  We are not only looking at your basic computer, wireless devices, camera, and other appliances but more innovative and advanced merchandise. 
Samsung’s Smart Tango Corner Cleaner is a small robotic vacuum that has brush components that pop out at its side allowing the vacuum to clean small areas and get in those really tight spots to clean corners.  The fascinating part is that there is a built-in camera using Samsung’s Visionary Mapping System to direct the machine to the appropriate cleaning ‘hot spot’ avoiding any unforeseen obstacles.  I am still using an upright vacuum having to attach a hose to get in the corners and against the wall.  This new technology may make me a little lazier around the house but I can focus on critical tasks…like researching what other innovations I should buy!
Android has moved up into the world of home appliances joining with Dacor to promote a ‘smart oven’.  The 7-inch touch panel LCD screen allows consumers to delve into the installed cooking app for assistance with cooking times, recipes, and remote programming for cooking from your other Android device.  So it is a little expensive, but you can get dinner started and ready to eat while you put in some extra time at work to afford this must-have appliance.
There is much to come this year in terms of technology moving towards hands-off and convenience from the old hands-on time consuming products and I am eager to be a witness.  Although there is some concern for people becoming reliant more on technology than themselves or other humans, this technology can only advance one’s learning, promote better living, and produce more time for the important things in life.    
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