Like many people throughout the world I’m really glad the U.S. elections are finally over. Listening to the same malarkey/baloney/absurdity/(insert here) over and over again gets exhausting. The candidates spent billions of dollars trying to convince us their ideas are great and the other person if full of you know what. A lot of that money was of course put into marketing and advertising. Within the last year the amount of promo items I saw was staggering – between the t-shirts, hats, bumper stickers, mugs, pens, bobble heads….the list goes on and on. Thousands of retailers, including the major ones like Wal-Mart, were selling this stuff and trying to cash in on the election hysteria.

Well what happens to all that stuff after the election and someone loses? You don’t see too many people running out to pick up their Romney 2012 magnets.

When sports teams go to the championship they print thousands of hats and t-shirts for both teams in order to meet the immediate demand of the frenzied fans. So what do they do with 20,000 t-shirts declaring the New England Patriots the winners of Super Bowl XLVI? Well it used to all end up in the incinerator. A few years back though the major sports teams agreed to donate all of them to impoverished nations like Zambia and El Salvador. They want all that licensed stuff out of the country. I don’t think the same thing is going to happen with all of the Romney merchandise.

I was in an airport recently and walked past one of those “America” stores that sell all of that junk. They actually had a clearance table and were trying to get rid of the remaining Romney merchandise - offering 75% off everything. Romney 2012 button for $1 - that's a deal. Wal-Mart’s website provided 35% off Romney’s books.

Surprisingly the Romney Campaign’s website isn’t currently offering any discounts off of their merchandise. Maybe they might want to consider marking it down 47%?
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Nick Haneiko

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