Counterfeit tech supplies prevalent in government supply chainThe United States government may have to alter its procurement strategies, after it was revealed that a record number of technological gadgets used by federal agencies and the military are counterfeit. CNN reported that even though some lawmakers are attempting to halt the purchase of goods from questionable suppliers, those companies are increasing their sales to the U.S. This presents an enormous problem for government agencies as they attempt to protect confidential information.

Counterfeit goods found throughout supply chain
According to CNN, the presence of fake technological gadgets increased 63 percent in the past 10 years, an enormous increase. In 2011, 9,539 banned businesses sold technological equipment to the government - in 10 percent of sales, the products were fake.

These counterfeit goods are finding their way into more government agencies, as well as into military supplies and parts. Fake memory chips, routers and supplies can provide hackers with an easy way into otherwise high-security federal computer systems and military activities.

However, not all counterfeit products are sold to the U.S. government. Plenty are passed along to consumers who don't realize they've purchased fake merchandise. The products can range from automobile components to computers, cell phones and medical equipment.

Lawmakers want more done
Many lawmakers are concerned about the government's continued procurement of fake parts that could be providing foreign governments and hackers with confidential information. Even though there are already policies in place to keep the government's supply chain free from counterfeit goods, some purchasers fail to follow the regulations.

In October, the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee cautioned both private and public agencies to cut ties with several Chinese companies, claiming the businesses' ties to the Chinese government could lead them to insert counterfeit parts into their products to access American information and intelligence. China has been a major source of all fake products on the market, and CNN reported that 62 percent of counterfeit goods discovered in the country last year were from China.

Some agencies take extreme precaution when purchasing products from overseas to ensure they are legitimate and do not contain any components that could be used to breach security systems or access sensitive information. CNN reported that NASA thoroughly vets its suppliers and requires them to show their government and vendor certifications before it will purchase goods from any company.
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