As sustainability and cost savings become concerns for many companies, more businesses are doing what they can to increase their green efforts and supply chain optimization. Mondel?z International, the world's largest chocolate company and owner of Cadbury, is only the latest to take on a new supply chain sustainability challenge.

New programs
Over the next 10 years, the company has plans to invest $400 million to improve its supply chain's sustainability and increase the green efforts of its suppliers. The project, known as "Cocoa Life," will help as many as 75,000 cocoa farmers in Côte d'Ivoire, one of the largest cocoa-producing regions in the world, and 200,000 workers globally.

Besides farmers in the Côte d'Ivoire, the company will also focus its efforts in Indonesia, Brazil, Ghana, India and the Dominican Republic. Aside from helping farmers increase their quality of life, the program will also aim to cut down on the amount of child labor used in the chocolate industry.

Cocoa Life will do more than help workers earn more with more efficient farming practices - the program also aims to increase the sustainability of farming practices used across the globe. Cocoa Life will help promote biodiversity and help to eliminate the loss of valuable wildlife, while also helping farmers use practices that will help reduce water use, soil erosion and waste less energy.

"I'm proud of Mondel?z International's $400 million investment in Cocoa Life – a distinctive, holistic approach to cocoa sustainability that will create a cycle of growth from bean to bar," said Tim Cofer, executive vice president for Mondel?z Europe, according to "Our mission is to create thriving cocoa communities and help secure the future of the cocoa industry."

Sustainability a key concern
Green technology, more efficient supply chains and a better quality of life for workers has long been a concern for companies. With less money going to energy costs with the advent of sustainable technology, businesses can further invest in new products, manufacturing advancements and growth. With more efficient and well-run supply chains, a company can cut down on its shipping expenses, unexpected delays and procurement policies, saving costs and making the logistical portion of the business much easier to manage. This makes supply chain optimization a cost-efficient policy for many companies to develop and implement, especially for companies with operations on a global scale.
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