Apple seeing iPhone 5 shortageAs many predicted, technology giant Apple seems to be facing serious problems throughout its supply chain as it struggles to provide consumers with the new iPhone 5. The phone, released in September, has seen huge demand from customers like most other newly released Apple products. However, while the company is often accused of creating product shortages to build buzz around a new release, it appears to be facing manufacturing challenges that seem to pose a problem, especially with the holiday season just around the corner.

Representatives from Foxconn, the main manufacturer of iPhones, spoke out recently and said the company is producing "far fewer" products than Apple requested.

Foxconn employees are reportedly encountering technical difficulties when manufacturing the new iPhones, due to design-related issues. Mobile Marketing Watch revealed that while consumer demand remains high, shipping estimates for the phones are stalled between three and four weeks.

The company is working at a rapid pace to fulfill orders, which are plentiful. Demand for the phones is still strong, and many may have been planning to purchase the gadgets this holiday season, but with the Apple supply chain backed up, they may have to wait on making those transactions.
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