Survey reveals Amazon supply chain more admired than Apple'sEcommerce giant Amazon is more admired than tech innovator Apple, according to a new survey published by SCM World. The data showed that executives believe Amazon has a stronger hold on its supply chain management.

According to survey data, 58 percent of respondents most respected Amazon for its handling of its complex supply chain. Only 37 percent thought Apple's supply chain was better managed.

Amazon beat Apple in three supply chain-related aspects: agility, collaboration and execution. In terms of "agility" Amazon won 62 percent of the vote, for "collaboration" it earned 59 percent and for "execution" it managed to win with 57 percent. However, Apple did come out on top in one category - innovation - where it earned 78 percent of the vote. 

"The purpose of our research was to establish which of these two leading companies is most admired by the global supply chain community for the way it manages its supply chain, and to understand what lessons they have to teach other companies," said Kevin O'Marah, head of faculty at SCM World and co-author of the report. "The results show clearly that the majority of supply chain professionals believe that Amazon - and not Apple - is the master of supply chain excellence."
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