Apple's supply chain may be struggling While tech giant Apple is known for its strong supply chain and smooth manufacturing process, the company appears to have been experiencing problems in these areas of late, which Ewan Spence from Forbes assumes may be playing a part in the company's continually changing stock value.

Because the company has experienced problems producing the latest iPhones and iPad Minis, consumers have been waiting longer to receive the products they ordered, and it appears that the release of highly anticipated new products has been delayed. If the announcement of new merchandise has indeed been pushed back, Apple may be struggling to manufacture all the inventory it needs for a successful release.

According to Silicon Valley Mercury News, the problems within Apple's supply chain have changed over the past several months. Upon the initial release of the new iPhone, Apple manufacturer Foxconn was having difficulty procuring necessary components, while the company is now having problems actually producing the device.

These issues could reflect on Apple's stock prices, which have fluctuated widely in the past several weeks, Forbes reported. If the company is able to get its procurement and manufacturing strategies back on track, it may be able to see a more steady future in the stock market.
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