Pharmaceutical supply chains combat counterfeitingA recently released report from GBI Research showed that pharmaceutical companies are looking to crack down on fake drugs and increase their profits while paying more attention to their supply chains.

The report, called "Pharmaceutical Supply Chain in the U.S. - Advances in RFID and ePedigree Systems to Limit Drug Counterfeits," described the importance of companies having a strategic supply chain management system in place to maximize profitability as well as customer safety. For example, radio-frequency identification technology enables better tracking of drug shipments and makes counterfeiting more difficult, improving outcomes both from a bottom-line and patient health perspective.

Companies are also looking to employ third-party companies to handle logistics in order to improve flexibility when demand is fluctuating. According to a summary of the report, this outsourcing means that when drug demand drops, pharmaceutical companies will be able to reduce their order volume as opposed to shuttering or transitioning internal production facilities.

A recent report from PwC US stated that medical technology companies are looking to acquire greater visibility into global supply chains to reduce risks, leading more businesses to look at customized strategies to best serve niche or local markets.
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