Commodity market down in MayAccording to recently released statistics, commodity performance was down in the month of May as a result of apprehension stemming from the continuing Eurozone crisis.

The recent crisis has slowed growth. The Dow Jones-UBS Commodity Index Total Return was down 9.13 percent in May and 17 out of 20 index constituents decreased in value, according to a release from Credit Suisse.

"The end of May brought runs of economic indicators that were below market expectations," said Nelson Louie, global head of commodities in Credit Suisse's Asset Management division. "In the U.S., the latest crop of sluggish economic statistics may lead to further accommodative policy efforts from the Federal Reserve. With recent political changes in the Eurozone, it appears Germany may have to pay more attention to growth measures in addition to pushing for austerity."

Brazil, India and other emerging markets might increase stimulus measures, Louie added, as their fiscal situations allow.

According to Standard & Poor's GSCI gauge, commodities increased 0.9 percent to 593.65 recently, with oil, gold and copper all surging and rubber showing strong gains.
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