Methods discussed to reduce supply chain costs for offshore wind The recent 2012 Global Offshore Wind conference at London's ExCel Centre resulted in discussions among leading businesses, which agreed that strategic sourcing initiatives to cut the cost of offshore wind power generation will only strengthen the Humber's reputation as the most appealing place for wind turbine manufacturing, according to the Grimsby Telegraph. The Humber is an estuary off northern England's east coast.

"One of the key things the report identifies is the need for logistics savings and that is where the Humber has got a key advantage," said Richard Kendall, manager of the Humber Local Enterprise Partnership. "The report talks about clustering the supply chain to drive down the cost of transporting parts and making sure you are in close proximity to the wind farms and the Humber ticks both of those boxes."

During the conference, which lasted two days, a new report was released, outlining important actions that would cut the cost of generating electricity, the Telegraph reported.

Supply chain development will be crucial to maximizing the potential for offshore wind in the North and Baltic seas, according to the European Wind Energy Association. The EWEA has called for European governments to maintain "regulatory stability" to encourage development of this supply chain.
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