Clorox repositioning, expanding its healthcare businessClorox aims to triple the size of its healthcare products business by 2017, growing revenue to $300 million.

Don Knauss, the chief executive of Clorox, told Reuters that about half the anticipated growth will come through acquisitions of businesses worth between $10 million and $50 million.

The Clorox healthcare line, which includes disinfectant products and sanitizers, grew from a $2 million business to a $10 million business in the last five years, according to Knauss.

Already in 2012, Clorox acquired Apilcare and HealthLink, spending a combined total of between $80 million and $90 million on the deals, Reuters stated.

The increased focus on its healthcare business is part of a broader realignment of the Clorox brand, which according to Reuters is positioning itself to take advantage of increasing consumer concern with wellness and sustainability. However, its signature bleach products are still a mainstay of the company, and Knauss indicated Clorox is interested in acquiring Procter & Gamble's Central American bleach business.

On May 30, Clorox announced it will be changing the packaging of its Germicidal Wipes and Hospital Cleaner Disinfectants, offering them under the Clorox Healthcare umbrella.
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