Once referred to as the "Crackberry", it is clear that RIM’s Blackberry devices have lost its appeal. More and more users are switching to smartphones and the company is suffering financially. While some analysts are not convinced that this is the end of the Crackberry era, others do believe it is. If asked this question seven years ago, the answer would be no. When walking down the street or at the grocery store, it would unusual to not see someone typing away on a Blackberry. Fast forward to today. According to CNN, RIM stock prices have dropped 70% over the last year and reported a first quarter loss of $518 million. But how could this have happened?

Over the last few years, society has become more gadget-obsessed. More and more people are switching over to smartphones where you can listen to music while playing all sorts of addictive games. These new vibrant devices, especially the IPhone, have made the Blackberry appear boring and uneventful. While still appealing to business professional, RIM failed in staying ahead of the competition and appealing to other consumer markets. When the company finally created a touchscreen Blackberry, the Apple IPhone was already in its second generation and had caught the attention of many former Blackberry users.

Adding to the unattractiveness of Blackberries, the operating system isn’t the best. RIM has been in the process of updating its operating system with the hopes of increasing sales. Unfortunately, they have to push the launch of this system back another year and may have to push it back another full year after it was originally expected. Also, had RIM opened its operating system to other phone manufacturers, it could have seen the success that Google did after unveiling its new Android operating system.

Even as RIM tries to expand their product portfolio by entering into the tablet market, they still have not seen the same financial success they did years ago. There are loyal Blackberry owners who do not see themselves switching their devices anytime in the near future. However, as smartphones continue to evolve, the Blackberry may soon be extinct.
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Victoria Baston

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